Journal of Advertising Education
Vol. 1, No. 1 – Vol. 20, No. 1-2

Volume 1, Number 1, Summer 1996

Introducing introductory advertising student to the world wide web
Beth E. Barnes, Syracuse University

Rankings of advertising programs by advertising educators
Jef I. Richards & Elizabeth Gigi Taylor, University of Texas at Austin

A survey of faculty evaluation practices in journalism and mass communication
Robert C. Sitz & Frank Thayer, New Mexico State University

Demonstrating the superiority of the FCB grid as a tool for students to write
effective advertising strategy
Johan C. Yssel, University of Southern Mississippi

Volume 2, Number 1, Fall 1997

Active participation and quiet observation of ad forum subscribers
Louisa Ha, University of Oklahoma

Student advertising competitions:  Faculty advisor beliefs concerning the AAF
National Student Advertising Competition
Jim Marra, Temple University; Jim Avery, University of Alaska; Anchorage; Maria
Elizabeth Grabe, Indiana University

Incorporating team processes into advertising curriculum
Brett Robbs, Anders Gronstedt, University of Colorado/Boulder

Teaching job search skills to advertising majors
Ronald E. Taylor, Kim Bartel Sheehan, University of Tennessee

Preparing campaigns students for group work
Fred Beard, University of Oklahoma

Offering a creative track in the advertising major:  A case history
Beth E. Barnes, Carla V. Lloyd, Syracuse University

Volume 3, Number 1, Spring 1999

Integrating university, community and student goals in an advertising skills
Charles McMellon, Penn State University

Computer simulation and an interdisciplinary approach for advertising and public
relations courses
James W. Bovinet & Ronald J. Elcombe, Winona State University

An examination of leadership behavior among agency creatives
Debbie Treise, University of Florida; Cele C. Otnes & Arlo A. Oviatt, University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Advertising educators’ textbook adoption practices
Louisa Ha, The Gallup Organization

Volume 3, Number 2, Fall 1999

Feedback that fits:  how experienced and naïve students view internships
David Perlmutter and Alan D. Fletcher, Louisiana State University

Identifying critical teamwork tools:  one way to strike a balance between team
training and course content
Brett Robbs and Larry Weisberg, University of Colorado at Boulder

The structure of AAF competition teams
Tom Weir, Oklahoma State University

An interdisciplinary team teaching model:  a web-based project approach for
teaching integrated marketing communication
Mauereen W. Everett, Caroly F. Siegel and Marlow J. Marchant, Eastern
Kentucky University

Volume 4, Number 1, Spring 2000

Contract teamwork: a way out of the ivory tower
Sally J. McMillan, University of Tennessee

Putting it all together:  effective participation in advertising competitions
Betty J. Parker, Western Michigan University
Understanding the advertising agency-client relationship
Richard F. Beltramini, Wayne State University

One design for the account planning curriculum
Roger Lavery, Virginia Commonwealth University Adcenter

Advertising curriculum review:  case studies of two alternate approaches
Beth E. Barnes and Carla V. Lloyd, Syracuse University

Volume 4, Number 2, Fall 2000

If you build it, will they learn?  Effects of an advertising course web site on
student learning and teacher effectiveness
Cynthia M. Frisby, University of Missouri

Incorporating a promotional products teaching component into the advertising
campaigns course:  A partnership pilot program
Denise E. Delorme, University of Central Florida

Group personality and performance:  A model for managing advertising student
Shannon L. Bichard, Marilyn Roberts and John Sutherland, University of Florida

Volume 5, Number 1, Spring 2001

Like an idea, only better: How do advertising educators and practitioners define
and use the creative concept?
Lisa Duke, University of Florida

Teaching TV advertising creative using digital video on the desktop
Fred K. Beard and David Tarpening, University of Oklahoma

Exploring student orientation toward advertising:  A Q-methodology approach
James Coyle, City University of New York, Robert Meeds, Kansas State
University, and Thomas Weir, Oklahoma State University

Spatial modeling with spreadsheets:  Development of four advertising layout
exercises for the classroom
Michael M. Pearson, Lee Mundell, Teri K Henley and James S. Eiseman, Loyola
University of New Orleans

Volume 5, Number 2, Fall 2001

What the real world really wants:  an analysis of advertising employment ads
Sally J. McMilan, University of Tennessee; Kim Bartel Sheehan, Brandt
Heinemann, and Charles Frazier, University of Oregon

Communication apprehension and the advertising student
Tom Robinson, Southern Methodist University

Integrating public speaking into the advertising curriculum
Kim Golombisky, University of South Florida

A call for a more informed approach:  motivating creative students to do their best
W. Glenn Griffin, University of Texas at Austin

Volume 6, Number 1, Spring 2002

Teaching reform initiatives and their importance for advertising education
Keith Adler, Michigan State University

In search of the golden mean:  Impact of computer mediated technologies on the
media planning course
Dennis G. Martin, Brigham Young University

Creative opportunities in media promotion:  Entry-level hiring by television and
radio promotion departments
Jay Newell, Michigan State University, Terry Daugherty, Vanderbilt University,
Hairong Li, Michigan State University

Kazakhstani students’ beliefs about advertising
Jami Fullerton and Tom Weir, Oklahoma State University

Volume 6, Number 2, Fall 2002

Teaching the Advertising Media-planning Course:  Trying to Serve Two Masters
Jan S. Slater, Ohio University; Brett Robbs, University of Colorado at Boulder;
Carla V. Lloyd, Syracuse University

Statistic Anxiety and Math Aversion Among Advertising Students
Jami A. Fullerton, Oklahoma Sate University and Don Umphrey, Southern
Methodist University
Employment Preferences of Students in the 2001 AAF National Student
Advertising Competition
Alice Kendrick, Southern Methodist University and Jami Fullerton, Oklahoma
State University

Rating Creativity: Do Advertising Professionals and Educator Apply the Same
Alisa White, University of Texas at Arlington; Bruce L. Smith, Southwest Texas
Sate University; Fuyuan Shen, Pennsylvania State University

Volume 7, Number 1, Spring 2003

Preparing planners:  Account planning and the advertising curriculum
Margaret Morrison, Tim Christy and Eric Haley, University of Tennessee

Sign me up!  Undergraduate expectations of internship programs
JoAnn Roznowski, Western Michigan University, and Brenda J. Wrigley,
Michigan State University

Changing direction:  Assessing student thoughts and feelings about a new
program in strategic communication
Bryan H. Reber, University of Alabama; Cynthia M. Frisby and Glen T. Cameron,
University of Missouri

Challenging, fun and pays well:  Top advertising students describe their ideal
Alice Kendrick, Southern Methodist University, and Jami Fullerton, Oklahoma
State University

Volume 7, Number 2, Fall 2003

Why diversity matters
Jan Slater, Ohio University

Incorporating diversity into the advertising curriculum
Jason Chambers, University of Illinois

Diversity in communication education:  The “D” word is all about including others
Diana I. Rios, University of Connecticut

What’s age, race and gender got to do with advertising?  Everything!
Caryl Cooper, University of Alabama
Locating diversity within advertising excellence
Kim Golombisky, University of South Florida

Volume 8, Number 1, Spring 2004

Communication Competencies for a Growing Hispanic Market
Luis V. Dominguez, Florida Atlantic University and Patricia B. Rose, Florida
International University

Application of Q-Methodology for In-Class Advertising Research Projects
Douglas Blanks Hindman, Washington State University, Jody Mattern, North
Dakota State University, and Jocie Iszler, North Dakota Utilization Council

Guidelines for Accommodations:  What Advertising Teachers Need to Know
About Working with Learning-Disabled Students in Team-based Classes
Debbie Treise, Elaine Wagner, Lindsay Minter and Linda Correll, University of

Attitudes Toward Grades Among Advertising Majors
Don Umphrey, Southern Methodist University, and Jami J. Fullerton, Oklahoma
State University

Perceptions of IMC Education Among Practitioners
JoAnn Roznowski, Western Michigan University, Bonnie B. Reece, Michigan
State University, and Terry Daugherty, University of Texas

Volume 8, Number 2, Fall 2004

Enhancing strategic thinking throughout the advertising curriculum:  An account
planning perspective
Kendra Gale and Brett Robbs, University of Colorado

Humorous advertising concepts and premises: Generation, execution and
Fred K. Beard and David Tarpenning, University of Oklahoma

Shall we converge:  The embedding of new media and advertising curricula
Thomas Gould, Kansas State University

Volume 9, Number 1, Spring 2005

Service Learning Across the Curriculum:  A Collaboration to Promote Smoking
Jean M. Grow and Joyce M. Wolburg, Marquette University

Teaching the Undergraduate Research Course for Advertising Majors:  Course
Content and Key Challenges
Brett Robbs and Kendra Gale, University of Colorado

The Effect of Educational Background as Antecedent on the Job Satisfaction of
Advertising Creatives
Thomas K. Hixson, University of Wisconsin – Whitewater and Stephen Banning,
Louisiana State University

Volume 9, Number 2, Fall 2005

Tales of Portfolio Schools and Universities:  Working Creatives’ Views on
Preparing Students for Entry-Level Jobs as Advertising Creatives
Robyn Blakeman and Eric Haley, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Advertising Creative Practitioners on the Value of Advertising Education:  An
Tien-Tsung Lee, Washington State University and William E. Ryan, University of

Creative Message Strategies as a Framework for Pedagogy Instruction Or:
Everything I Know About Teaching I Learned from Advertising
Lee Earle, Roosevelt University

Volume 10, Number 1, Spring 2006

An Analysis of Career Aspirations of 1,200 U.S. Advertising Students
Jami Fullerton, Oklahoma State University
Alice Kendrick, Southern Methodist University
Connie Frazier, American Advertising Federation

How to Improve Critical Thinking Skills in the Media Strategy Course by
Implementing an Online Peer Learning Component
Frauke Hachtmann, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Assessment Accountability in Courses that Deploy Advertising Competitions and
Experiential Learning Techniques  Ginger Rosenkrans, Pepperdine University

Volume 10, Number  2, Fall 2006

The State of the Industry: Account Planning, Media, Strategy (or whatever they
are, these days): A re-cap of the presentations from the folks from Goodby
Silverstein & Partners
Patricia B Rose, Editor, JAE, Florida International University

“Involve me and I shall understand”: Case-based Teaching in Advertising
Kendra Gale, University of Colorado and Peggy J. Kreshel, University of Georgia

Pesky Predicaments and Solutions: How Do I Fit That Into My Already Full
Denise E. DeLorme and Mary Alice Shaver, University of Central Florida

Volume 11, Number 1, Spring 2007

Assessing Outcomes of Service Learning in Advertising Courses
Lara Zwarun, University of Texas at Arlington

Curricular Convergence and Campaigns: Learning Outcomes in the Capstone
Robert R. Basow, University of Kansas, Lawrence

Using Blogs to Facilitate Group Communication and Collaboration: A
Constructivists Learning Approach
Stacy Landreth Grau, Texas Christian University

Designing Executive Education Curricula to Fit the Professional Development
Continuum:  The Case of Advertising and Public Relations Practitioners in
Gayle Kerr, Park Beede and Bill Proud
Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Volume 11, Number 2, Fall 2007

The Historical Development of the Advertising Curriculum  Edd Applegate, Middle Tennessee State University

What Advertising Educators Think About Advertising Education
Stephen A. Banning and John C. Schweitzer, Bradley University

In Search of a Theory of Integrated Marketing Communications
Don Schultz, Northwestern University
Gayle Kerr, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Ilchul Kim, Dong-eui University, Korea
Charles Patti, University of Denver

Considerations for Integrated Marketing Communications Education:  The Needs
and Expectations from the Communications Workplace
Torise A. Battle, Peach County Board of Education, Fort Valley, Georgia.
Mariko Morimoto, University of Georgia
Bryan H. Reber, University of Georgia

How Creative Are We?  The Teaching of Creativity Theory and Training
Mark W. Stuhlfaut, University of Kentucky

Volume 12, Number 1, Spring 2008

New century, same story: Women scarce when Adweek ranks “Best Spots”
Karen L. Mallia, University of South Carolina

What Advertising Educators Think About Advertising Education
Stephen A. Banning and John C. Schweitzer, Bradley University

A nationwide Survey of Advertising Students’ Attitudes about Advertising
Jami Fullerton, Oklahoma State University
Alice Kendrick, Southern Methodist University
Connie Frazier, American Advertising Federation

Account Management and the Changing Advertising Landscape
Brett Robbs, University of Colorado at Boulder
Carla Lloyd, Syracuse University

Volume 12, Number 2, Fall 2008

Incorporating Privacy in Advertising Education: A Multichannel and Multiple
Public Perspective George R. Milne, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Joseph E. Phelps, University of Alabama
Jimmy Peltier, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

Employers’ Perspectives on Skills Needed for Entry-Level Advertising and
Marketing Jobs: A New Computerized Approach
Dennis T. Lowry, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Lei (Tommy) Xie, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Lessons from Ad Educators’ Experiences with Guest Speakers
Eric Haley, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Robyn Blakeman, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

The Advertising Internship: Tips on Optimizing the Academic and Business
Community Relationship
Michael Maynard, Temple University
Dana Saewitz, Temple University

AEJMC Ad Division Report: State of the Advertising Industry 2008
Michael Hanley, Ball State University
Roger Lavery, Ball State University

The National Student Advertising Competition: Chapter Advisers Describe
Structure, Resources and Issues
Jami Fullerton, Oklahoma State University
Alice Kendrick, Southern Methodist University
Connie Frazier, American Advertising Federation

Volume 13, Number 1, Spring 2009

Seizing the Opportunity: Enhancing Creativity in Direct and Digital Marketing
W. Glenn Griffin, Southern Methodist University
Peter M. Johnson, Pace University
Susan K. Jones, Ferris State University

Enhancing Students’ Segmentation Skills and Targeting Knowledge Using the Gains
Tables, Lift Charts, and the Gini Coefficient
Henry Greene, Central Connecticut State University

Experiential Learning in Capstone Courses Through the Great Case Debate
Carol Scovotti, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Lisa D. Spiller, Christopher Newport University
The Google Online Marketing Challenge: Fostering Student Learning of Search
Marilyn Lavin, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Lizzy Van Alstine,   Alex Scott, and Jim Oliver, Google
Jamie Murphy, University of Western Australia

Modeling Social Media Use: Bridging the Gap in Higher Education
Maria Kalamas, Tyra Mitchell, and Deborah Lester, Kennesaw State University

Web 2.0 Opportunities and Challenges for Advertising Educators
Mary Caravella, University of Connecticut
Daradirek “Gee” Ekachai, Marquette University
Charles Jaeger, Southern Oregon University
Debra Zahay, Northern Illinois University

From Interactive to Immersive: Advertising Education takes a Virtual Leap of Faith
Natalie Wood, Saint Joseph’s University
Lyle R. Wetsch, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Michael R. Solomon, Saint Joseph’s University
Ken Hudson, Loyalist College

Bridging the Gap in IMC Education: Where the Academy is Falling Short?
Andrea J. S. Stanaland, Radford University
Amanda E. Helm, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Lance Kinney, University of Alabama

Student Satisfaction with Collegiate American Marketing Association Membership and
Exposure to Integrated Marketing Communication Tactics
James W. Peltier, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Lance Kinney, University of Alabama
Carol Scovotti. University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Volume 13, Number 2, Fall 2009

Refereed Articles

Films–A Look into What Students are Seeing About Advertising
Kristy Tucciarone, University of Missouri, St. Louis

Advertising Students’ Perceptions of Skills and Attributes for Future Employment
David S. Waller, University of Technology, Sydney
Anurag G. Hingorani, University of Technology, Sydney

IMC and its Integration into Programs of Journalism and Mass Communication
Andrew Lingwall, Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Pedagogic Challenges:  The Teaching of Creative Strategy in Advertising
Mark Stuhlfaut, University of Kentucky
Margo Berman, Florida International University

Effect of Discounting Behaviors on the Productivity of Student Brainstorming
Alisa White, University of Texas at Tyler
Bruce L. Smith, Texas State University-San Marcos

Adding Bilateral Transparency to Assessing Student Learning in the
Advertising Capstone Course
Frauke Hachtmann, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Nancy Mitchell, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Linda Shipley, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Teaching Tips

Profile by Proxy: Using Literary Journalism to Create Consumer Insight
Kendra L. Gale, University of Colorado–Boulder


Advertising Student Career Preferences:  A National Survey
Jami Fullerton, Oklahoma State University–Tulsa
Alice Kendrick, Southern Methodist University
Connie Frazier, American Advertising Federation

Book Review

Idea industry:  How to crack the advertising career code. By Brett Robbs
and Deborah Morrison    Reviewed by Sheri Broyles, University of North Texas

Volume 14, Number 1,Spring 2010

Invited Commentary
Step Out of the Box
Chuck McMellon, Hofstra University

Refereed Articles

Beyond the Banner: Teaching Powerful Creative Techniques In Digital Marketing
Peter M. Johnson, Pace University
Susan K. Jones, Ferris State University

It’s Not New to Them: Using to Enhance Student Engagement in the
Study of  Social Web Marketing and Web 2.0 Direct Response Methods
Alyssa Eckman, University of Kentucky

Social Networks: Facebook’s Role in the Advertising Classroom
Caroline Lego Muñoz, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Terri L. Towner, Oakland University

Experiential Learning with Direct Response TV Advertising
Henry Greene, Central Connecticut State University

Creating Winners for Life:  How to Prepare Your Students to Become
IDM Professionals by Using the DMEF’s Collegiate ECHO Challenge
as a Teaching Aid
Lisa D. SpillerChristopher Newport University, Harvey Markovitz, Pace University, David W. Marold, Eastern Michigan University

Rethinking Learning Objectives of a Campaigns Approach to
Advertising Capstone Courses
Mark W. Stuhlfaut, University of Kentucky
Margo Berman, Florida International University

Volume 14, Number 2, Fall 2010

Invited Commentary
A Wide-Angle View of Advertising Education
Jef I. Richards, Michigan State University

Refereed Articles
Preparing Young Creatives for an Interactive World: How Possible Is It?
Brett Robbs, University of Colorado, Boulder

Does the Creative Boys’ Club Begin in the Classroom?
Kasey Windels, DePaul University
Wei-Na Lee, University of Texas at Austin
Yi-Hsin Yeh, University of Texas at Austin

Experiential Learning and Media Sales: A Case Study Perspective
Bobbi Kay Lewis, Oklahoma State University

How Should I Teach Advertising Sales? A Broadcast Media Perspective
Scott R. Hamula, Ithaca College

Advertising Student Interns:  Career Preferences and Ethical Issues
Alice Kendrick, Southern Methodist University
Jami Fullerton, Oklahoma State University
Mallorie Rodak, Southern Methodist University

Teaching Tips
Introducing Students to Organizational Communication Strategies on Twitter
Tricia M. Farwell, Middle Tennessee State University
Richard D. Waters, North Carolina State University

Volume 15, Number 1, Spring 2011

Refereed Articles
From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0: Implications for Advertising Courses
Carol Scovotti and Susan K. Jones

Teaching Integrated Social Network Marketing Communication with a Portfolio of
Experiential Exercises
John Cronin

Developing College Students’ Self-marketing Skills in The Age of Social Media:
Designing An Experiential Exercise
Jun Myers, Helena Czepiec, Juanita Roxas, Debbora Whitson

Class Communication Options: Making the Most of Web-Based Tools
Robert E. Boostrom, Jr.

Wikipedia’s Role and Value in the Advertising Classroom
Deborah M. Gray and Jeffery Hoyle

An Investigation of Computer-Mediated Instructional Immediacy in Online
Stephanie Kelly and Lisa Fall

Teaching Consumer Analytics in Advertising and IMC Courses: Opportunities
and Challenges
Pavan Rao Chennamaneni, Vishal Lala, Prashant Srivastava, Goutam

Invited Research
Oops I did it Again: What Students Need to Know about Managing Information in
a Social Media World
Lauren I. Labrecque, George R. Milne, Jimmy Peltier, Joseph E. Phelps, David

50 Ways To Enhance Student Career Success:  In and Out of the Advertising
and Marketing Classrooms
Lisa D. Spiller, Dave W. Marold, Harvey Markovitz, Dennis Sandler

Volume 15, Number 2, Fall 2011 Articles

Choosing and Evaluating Digital and Online Media: A Conceptual/Instructional Model
Fred K. Beard and Aimei Yang

Quality of Work and Team Spirit as Drivers of Student Peer Evaluation on Advertising Group Project Performance
Jooyoung Kim, Tae Hyun Baek and Daehyun Kim

Rethinking the Role of Grammar in the Advertising and Marketing Curriculum
Dallin D. Oaks

AdEd Insights & Innovations
Graduate Account Planning Education: Insights from the Classroom
Michael Mackert and Isaac I. Munoz

Giving Students the Competitive Edge: Selecting Clients for Client-Based Projects
Jean Jaymes West and Donna Simmons

Book Review
Dog Days: A Year in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, by Dave Ihlenfeld
Susan Westcott Alessandri

Special Report
Using the National Student Advertising Competition sponsored by the American Advertising Federation for Assessing a Campaign Course’s Learning Outcomes
Sandra Utt

Volume 16, Number 1, Spring 2012

Invited Commentary

Doctoral Students’ Guide to a Successful Academic Career
Jef I. Richards

Refereed Articles
Let Me In:  A Document Analysis of Essays Written by Applicants
to an Advertising Degree Program
Ronald E. Taylor

The Effect of Advertising-Focused, Short-Term Study Abroad Programs on Students’ Worldviews
Frauke Hachtmann
Articles from the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation’s Direct and Interactive Marketing Research Summit 
Education Track Chair:  Lisa Spiller

A Personal Branding Assignment Using Social Media
Lyle R. Wetsch

Teaching Students How To Create Viral Advertising/Marketing:  A Case Study
Helena Czepiec, Frank Bryant, Juanita Roxas and Debbora Whitson

Using Social Media to Teach Social Media Advertising: How to Leverage Student Prior Knowledge and Word Press Blogs
Matt Hettche and Michael J. Clayton

Book Review

Advertising in Developing and Emerging Countries: The Economic, Political  and Social Context, By Emmanuel C. Alozie, ed.
Kevin Keenan

Invited AdEd Insight and Innovation

To boldly go where no advertising academic has gone before
Gayle Kerr, Bill Proud, Louise Kelly and Kathleen Mortimer

Volume 16, Number 2, Fall 2012

Refereed Articles

Learning from the best: A study of the growth, goals and methods of exemplary teachers
Brett Robbs and Sheri Broyles

Teaching Advertising Media Planning in a Changing Media Landscap
Yeuseung Kim and Sheetal Patel

The Current Status of Digital Media Education in Advertising and Other Communication Disciplines
Hyojin Kim

AdEd Insight and Innovation

Multilingual Teaching in an American Advertising Course: Implementation and Assessment
Jay Newell, Nai-Se Li, Yi (Leaf) Zhang

Teaching Multimedia Commercial Production for Advertising and Public Relations
Pamela Morris

Book Reviews

Advertising Campaign Design: Just the Essentials, By Robyn Blakeman
Scott Whitlow

Strategic Uses of Alternative Media: Just the Essentials, By Robyn Blakeman
Danielle Coombs

The Globalization of Advertising: Agencies, Cities and Spaces of Creativity, By James R. Faulconbridge, Jonathan V. Beaverstock, Corinne Nativel and Peter J. Taylor
Owen Kulemeka

Volume 17, Number 1, Spring 2013

Refereed Articles

Evaluation of a Joint Health Communication Campaign Simulation Between an Ad/PR Capstone Course and a Health Communication Class
Joan McCain and Ann Neville Miller

Matching Creativity Perceptions and Capabilities: Exploring the Impact of Feedback Messages
Jody L. Mattern, Jeffrey T. Child, Shannon B. Vanhorn and Katherine L. Gronewold

Articles from the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation’s
Direct and Interactive Marketing Research Summit
Education Track Chair:  George Milne and Lauren Labrecque

Web Site Design and Content Management Analysis: Opportunities for Service-Learning Projects
Matt Hettche and Michael J. Clayton

Get Students Pinterested in Marketing and Advertising
John J. Cronin

Teams Build a Wiki to Teach Each Other Four Social Media Platforms
Tyler Laird-Magee

Book Reviews

Mad Women: The Other Side of Life on Madison Avenue in the ‘60s and Beyond By Jane Maas
Charles A. (Chuck) McMellon

The Daily You: How the New Advertising Industry is Defining Your Identity and Your Worth  By Joseph Turow
Charles A. (Chuck) McMellon

Housework and Housewives in American Advertising By Jessamyn Neuhaus
Andrea J. S. Stanaland

Vol. 17 No. 2, Fall 2013

Refereed Articles
The Impact of Extrinsic Incentives on Advertising Students’ Willingness to Volunteer as Peer Mentors: Implications for advertising education
George Anghelcev and John Eighmey

Soft Skills: The Difference between Leading and Leaving the Advertising Industry?
Kasey Windels, Karen L. Mallia and Sheri J. Broyles

Client-centered Skill Sets: What Small IMC Agencies Need from College Graduates
Martine Robinson Beachboard and Lisa M. Weidman

AdEd Insights & Innovations
Using an Exemplar to Teach Attitudinal Formation, Attitudinal Change
and Consumer Defense Mechanisms: The Motel Selection Problem
Stuart Van Auken

Brand Who? Teaching Students the Value of Brand Personality
Adriane Grumbein

Book Reviews

The Rise of Advertising In The United States: A History of Innovation to 1960
By Edd Applegate
Qingjiang Yao

Vol. 18 No. 1, Spring 2014

Research Articles

Moving Beyond the Classroom: Who Benefits from Online Social Communities?
Michael J. Clayton, Matt Hettche and Dae-Hee Kim

 AdEd Insights & Innovations

Teaching Curiosity: An Essential Advertising Skill
David Koranda and Kim Bartel Sheehan

Using Blogs in the Marketing and Advertising Classroom: Exploratory Insights and Recommendations for Future Use
Denny E. McCorkle, Yuhua Li McCorkle and Janice Payan

Rehearsing Campaign Planning at the Start of the Capstone Course: The Inverted Case Study Approach
S. Scott Whitlow

Book Review

The Culture of Connectivity: A Critical History of Social Media
By Jose Van Dijck
Tracy Tuten

Vol. 18 No. 2, Fall 2014

Research Article

Blogging in the Classroom: Using WordPress Blogs with Buddy Press Plugin as a Learning Tool by Keith A. Quesenberry, Dana Saewitz and Sheryl Kantrowitz

AdEd Insights & Innovations

Geo-Tagging and Mapping in the Cloud to Foster Research Readiness and Ethical Cognizance in Advertising Students by Jean Kelso Sandlin

Teaching ROI Analysis in an Era of Social Media by John J. Cronin

Advertising Summer Camp for High School Students: A Recruitment Tool for Industry Diversity by Sheryl Oliver, Margaret Murphy and Nancy R. Tag

Special Report

Big Thinking about Teaching Advertising by Sheri Broyles and Jan Slater

Vol. 19 No. 1, Spring 2015

Research Articles

An Exploratory Study of Successful Advertising Internships: A Survey Based on Paired Data of Interns and Employers. By Seung-Chul Yoo and Pamela Morris

Teaching Approaches in Advertising: Creativity and Technology. By Sabrina Habib


Ten Considerations for Developing and Maintaining a Student-Run Communications Agency. By Lee Bush

AdEd Insights & Innovations

This Means War: Using an Advertising War Room Simulation to Teach Social Media Skills. By Emily Kinsky

Welcome to the “Real World”: The Faculty-Professional Team Teaching Approach. By Stacy Landreth Grau and Chris Wilson

Book Review

Raised by Mad Men: The Son of a Real Life Advertising Mad Man (and Mad Woman) Reveals Who These People Really Were – and How They Raised Us All, by David Murray. Review by Susan Westcott Alessandri

Vol. 19 No. 2, Fall 2015

Research Articles

Gaps in Advertising and Public Relations Education: Perspectives of Agency Leaders. By Marlene S. Neill and Erin Schauster

As Seen on TV: How The Pitch Depicts the Advertising Creative Process. By Erin Schauster, Patrick Ferrucci and Kristen Sharkey

AdEd Insights & Innovations

Enhancing Student Performance in Collegiate Marketing Competitions: The ECHO Judges’ Perspectives. By Lisa Spiller and Dave Marold

Special Report from the AEJMC Ad Division Pre-conference Workshop on Teaching

Digital Bootcamp: Teaching Advertising in a Digital Age. By Jan Slater, Sheri Broyles & Rhiannon Clifton

Book Review

Breakthrough Thinking by Thomas Vogel. Review by Kim Sheehan

Vol. 20 No.1-2, Summer 2016

Looking Backward, Looking Forward: A Systematic Review of 20 Years of Research and Commentary Published by Journal of Advertising Education. By John G. Wirtz, Jameson L. Hayes and Yan Shan

A Comparison of Characteristics and Cultures of Academic Disciplinary Areas in the Context of Advertising and Public Relations Education. By Sally J. McMillan

Effects of Integrating Advertising Ethics into Course Instruction. By Michelle A. Amazeen

Team Teaching of Creative Advertising and Public Relations Courses. By Pamela K. Morris

From Introducing the World Wide Web to Teaching Advertising in the Digital Age: A Content Analysis of the Past Twenty Years of the Journal of Advertising Education. By Elizabeth C. Crawford, Emory S. Daniel Jr., David K. Westerman

AdEd Insights & Innovations

Explaining Ethics: Using the Explainer Genre to Integrate Ethics into Advertising Curricula. By Jean Kelso Sandlin


Twenty years later. By Jim Avery and Jim Marra

Looking Back. By Pat Rose

Advertising education and the Journal of Advertising Education: The 20-year evolution. By Sheri J. Broyles

Advertising Industry Diversity: We’ve “Kind of” Come a Long Way Baby, but Larger Pipeline and More Intentional Action from Industry and Educators Needed. By Osei Appiah and Dana Saewitz

The Times Are Changing. Is It Time to Change Your Major? By Keith A. Quesenberry

Addressing the Elephant in the Room (Or, I dare you to ignore this any longer. By Karen L. Mallia

From the JAE Archives – Reprints of classic articles from the past 20 years

Preparing Campaigns Students for Group Work (Fall 1997). By Fred Beard

Integrating Public Speaking Into the Advertising Curriculum (Fall 2001). By Kim Golombisky

Statistics Anxiety and Math Aversion Among Advertising Students (Fall 2002). By Jami Fullerton and Don Umphrey

Account Management and the Changing Advertising Landscape (Spring 2008). By Brett Robbs and Carla Lloyd

Book Review

Social Media Strategy: Marketing and Advertising in the Consumer Revolution
By Keith A. Quesenberry. Reviewed by Amber Benson

Remembering Tom Weir. By Jami Fullerton