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The Journal of Advertising Education (JAE) is devoted to research and commentary on instruction, curriculum and leadership in advertising education.

The journal invites submissions of:

Research Articles: Preference is given to manuscripts that break new ground, have a theoretical base and/or some form of validation or testing method. Topics include but are not limited to teaching methods, curriculum, accreditation or administration. All research methods will be considered; all papers will be peer reviewed. Extensive artwork, graphs and other such materials will be billed to author at cost.

Length: All manuscripts considered; 4,000-word maximum (about 20 pages) excluding tables and references.

Style: APA.

Submit two copies with abstract by email to [email protected]  One copy should contain full author identification including email address and one free of any author identification.

AdEd Insights: Short articles on the process of educating students. Topics such as ideas for class use, syllabi, assignments and teaching tips. Preference is given to submissions showing how the Insight is executed (how graded, sources of recommendations, trial usage and results).

Length: 3000 words. Insights will be peer reviewed.

Style: APA.

Submit two copies by email to [email protected]  One copy should contain full author identifying information, and one free of any author identification.

Invited Commentary: Topic suggestions should be submitted to the editor, include a detailed definition of the topic and a suggestion of at least two possible authors to write the commentary. Offers to write a commentary are also accepted. If you wish to write a commentary, please contact the editor first.

Commentary Length: 1,000 – 1,800 words; send by email to [email protected]

Book/Software Reviews: Arrangements have been made with publishers so that all reviews will be assigned through the Journal. To volunteer, contact the Book Review Editor: Sue W. Alessandri, email:  [email protected]

Letters to the editor are encouraged. Indicate the letter is written for publication. The editor reserves the right to select and/or edit as needed. Letters not written for publication are also encouraged.

Q&A: Submit topic questions to the editor. Questions should be narrow and detailed; response space is limited. To respond to questions, submit via e-mail. Please limit responses to 200 words.

Copyright: All accepted materials become the sole property of the Journal of Advertising Education.

Review Procedures: 

Manuscripts are reviewed independently by members of the JAE Editorial Review Board and by ad hoc reviewers chosen by the editor. Typically, three reviewers assess each manuscript; two assess each AdEd Insight.  The reviews are double blind – neither authors nor reviewers knows the identity of the others. The evaluations and recommendations of the reviewers guide the editor. 
It is possible for a manuscript submitted to JAE to be desk rejected by the editor. The most common reason for a desk rejection is that the topic does not apply to education, per se, and/or the topic is not specifically applied to advertising education.

It is the policy of JAE that manuscripts submitted for review must not have been published or be under consideration for publication elsewhere. 
Note that copyright law prohibits a manuscript from appearing in more than one copyrighted publication. Allowing an article to be published in the Journal of Advertising Education is a guarantee that it has not been nor will be published in any other copyrighted publication. 
 Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to use any material (including advertisements) in their manuscripts that is copyrighted.

Individuals and all establishments providing photo duplication services may photocopy articles in the Journal of Advertising Education without permission – either for personal use or for use or distribution to students for classroom use.
Requests to reproduce materials in JAE for any other purpose should be directed to Jennifer McGill, Executive Director, AEJMC
Email: [email protected]

Only that office may grant the request after assessing a fee.